TUTORIAL: Watercolor Valentine Flowers

Hello! I’d like to share my new tutorial for Red River Moms magazine. It’s a fun little craft that I actually adapted from a lesson plan for with my art students. It’s easy to do, fun for kids and creates a very pretty result.

Valentine’s  Day is such a wonderful holiday, hearts, flowers, sweets and chocolate of course. This fun craft is actually an adapted version of a project that I’m doing with my talented art students. It’s very hands on and something you and child will enjoy doing together for yourselves or as a gift. You also have the option to add some sweets at the end too.

Coffee filters (not the cone shaped ones)
Spray starch
Small plastic containers (Yogurt, Sour Cream, Small cups, etc)
X-Acto knife
Green pipe cleaners or florist wire
Green construction paper
Vase or other container

Start by cutting the coffee filter into an organic flower shape, wavy edges or cut with pointed petals. You will use two coffee filters per flower. Make sure you cut one shape a little smaller to create the inside layer of your flower.

Next have your children color the coffee filters using the markers however they wish. Since there will be two layers for each flower make sure they coordinate the colors.

Lay your coffee filter on top of your small container and spray liberally with starch.  Using your fingers you can “sculpt” the flowers into a shape you want. You will need to allow the filter to dry for several hours, apply another coat of starch then dry overnight.

The next day lay the smaller flower inside of the larger one. Using a x-acto knife cut a small slit in the two flowers. Twist two pipe cleaners together to make a strong stem and push them through the hole in the flower. Twist your pipe cleaner into a small knot or loop in the inside center of the flower to help hold it in place and another knot on the underside of the flower.

Using scissors  cut two leaf shapes out of the construction paper and glue to the stems as leaves. You can also use the pipe cleaners to make leaves as I have done in the pictures.

Place your flowers into a container or vase of your choice. Fill the container with colored gift wrap shred or valentines’ candies and enjoy your beautiful arrangement.

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