Fringe Lantern Tutorial

I want to share with you my tutorial for Fringe Lanterns. I’m sharing this today on Pure Joy Events Blog too! This is a fun little addition to brighten up any party!

I regularly read the blog, Oh Happy Day and just fell in love with her DIY Surprise Lantern tutorial.  I planned to make them and place them in our outdoor party tent for my son’s first birthday party – A Bayou Bash! So I set off to my local craft store to purchase the supplies. I couldn’t find the required crepe paper sheets so in desperation I bought three different colors of crepe paper streamers and the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors and decided to change up the tutorial just a bit.
Crepe Paper Streamers
Paper Lanterns even ripped or slightly torn ones work great because your covering them up
Scissors – I recommend the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors, they just make it easier Double Stick Tape

First take your scissors and cut little slits to make the fringe. Cut only about halfway through the streamer because you’ll need the space for the tape. It helps if you unroll a lot from the spool. It’s ok if you run out because you can always cut more and the seam will always be covered up with all the fringe. If you use the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors I HIGHLY recommend putting a little WD40 in the hinge because the pure weight of the scissors can make them a little hard to use after a while. So the looser they are the better for your hands.
After you’ve cut some streamers run strips of double stick tape along the seams of the lantern. Make sure the tape runs the whole length of the lantern. It’s just easier than having to add more while you’re trying to work with the streamers.
Start adding the fringe streamers at the bottom of the lantern. Be sure to press down on the streamer to make sure it’s fastened to the tape. Start going around the lantern. You can use the “ribs” of the lantern as a great ruler to help you place the streamer. Work your way around the lantern in a spiral until you reach the top. Use a little bit of scotch tape at the top to secure the streamer.

Fluff up your lantern, hang and enjoy. I used a safety pin through my lantern then tied a little sting to it and tied it to my chandelier. Have fun!

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